PRO Features

Search Tools PRO extends the basic plugin with advanced features for a greater security, user experience and better control over the search results.

Beautify Search URL

Change the default slug ‘’ of the search results page to whatever you wish.

Beautify Search URL, WP Search Tools Plugin

Validate Search Terms And Block SPAM Queries

Even search might be a target for a spam bots. Validate and control the query to save database hits and improve site performance.

Global Exclusions

Remove certain pages from the search results no matter what searched term if typed.

There is not any limit, it is up to you what and how many posts are hidden from the search.


Control the order of the search results and promote desired page to the top on specified searched term.

You can define as many posts as needed. Top 1, top 3 or even more, it is up to you.

Single Exclusions

Unlike in ‘Global Exclusions’ you can remove posts also from the search results of the concrete query.


Add a nicely animated modal search bar linked to any clickable HTML element.