Premium Version Released!

The PRO version of the Search Tools plugin is available to purchase.

After months of the hard work, I happy to announce release of a stable version 1.0.0.

PRO extends free functionalities. It is necessary to have both plugins installed and activated.

What is PRO for?

When you track suspect queries in the Search Insights, Validator feature comes handy to prevent spam database calls.

User experience is improved with Beautify the Search URL. Default slug “?s=term” can be replaced with e.g. “search/term” or whatever you wish.

In the search results you might get unwanted posts. Global Exclusions enable to hide selected items from the results list.

Promotions and Exclusions simplifies search results management. You can define as many top posts in the list as needed.

PRO Licences

You can choose from three different plans:

  1. for 1 site
  2. for 3 sites
  3. for unlimited sites

Each licence takes 1 year. You can cancel or upgrade any time.

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